Birgit Fischer

Cafe Royal

Company / Project / Band:  Cafe Royal

Function:  Singer. Music and Medicine.

Work Experience:  > 7 years


State:  Hamburg



Band Motorsheep (major deal motor music)

Radio Berlin: Station ID, Jingles

TV commercials: Audi, Mercedes, Fa, Dr. Oetker, Smart, Vorwek, Telekom, Raffaello, Jever Fun etc. (Eardrum, Witty and more)

Electronica, Music Art Projects: Filmpalast

Stewardesses Album: Pussy Empire Records

John-Lennon-Talent Award 1997 won. Jury member, vocal coach participation.

Bayerischer Filmpreis 1999 mit Niki Reiser: Soundtrack participation Meschugge Motorsheep

Live Duo “Café Royal” with pianist Antonio Portela

Vocal Workshops and solo coachings Poo/Rock/Kreativität

Choir for Seniors: Golden Sixties Kulturladen St. Georg

Founded “Schlachtplatte e. V.” (Musik für Hamburger Tafel)

Tags:  #backingvocals #band #beratung #coaching #gesang #musik #songwriting #text